Wilson's Wildlife Solutions Stuff

Good Job, Guys!

This is All Kind of Confusing

When you get into the world of the Unusual, it all gets very confusing, because there's more than one timeline or universe, whatever that means. Well, Wilson's Wildlife Solutions isn't the same across all timelines or universes, as one might imagine, but this here Tim Wilson remembers things a very specific way, and so he'd like to give you a rundown on how things are here in his Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

So here's all the people I know and how I know them, and how all these events went down, the glad and the sad and the happy and the bad alike. Take it as you will.

Supervisor Relationship

The Supervisor Site-64

Where we report back to. Will write this at a later date~!

The Castaways

The guys who follow us around! I will get to this later as well~!

Cast of Characters

Employees in Alphabetical Order

I will have a lot of fun writing this.

Castaways in Alphabetical Order

And this.

Miscellaneous Actors in Alphabetical Order

And even this.

Additional Lore / Information

Terminology / Unusuality Scale

Stuff like Supervisors and Actors and the like.

Timeline of Important Events

Should be fun to make.

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