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Story Progression…

  • …And I'm the Star!
  • Back in Habit
  • Pepper's Lament
  • Souls & Somas
  • Deceptive Cadence
  • Everything Will Be Okay
  • Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining

Chapter 5i: Souls & Somas
[The part where Brainy shows this idea to the guys is lost, but Brainy leads the haunted house tour and it shows the whole ride (or at least a good portion of it). Pepper is a little ticked that she is leaning into the ghost cliches… but she's more ticked that she absolutely loves scaring people and playing into it. Brainy and her have another talk as Brainy is cleaning up after all the patrons and resetting the haunted house. He's a little sad, she asks why, and he says that he can't hug her at all, and she thinks that's sweet that he's thinking about that but she's a bit sad too. She'd like not to be bound to a mirror anymore. Catching her by surprise, he tells her he can fix that. He'd make her a body.]

[Pepper has a body now, and Icky and Manny are a bit… concerned. How will she do the Haunted House now? That was a hit, who's the ghost in it now? And she's not a Freak anymore — she is 100% normal. No anomalous knowledge, even. Nothing. Useless. She doesn't have a place here anymore. Them saying stuff like this angers Brainy, like, a lot.]

NOTES FROM CHANDRA: Concerned, yes, but they would never flat out reject Pepper or call her useless. The Circus is Family, and Family stays together. I'll probably be a beta reader on every tale, but make sure I read this one especially since I don't want them to come off as the bad guys.

Chapter 6i: Deceptive Cadence
[Brainy goes into another… bad… stride. It ends with Icky basically intending to kill him, beating him up because it comes out how shitty a person he is, and he seems to be losing pretty badly for a bit before he starts implementing "toys". He doesn't win, but he pushes back enough to escape into a Wonder World Way. Icky adds him to the list of Enemies of the Circus.]

NOTES FROM CHANDRA: I'd like Icky to start with choking him out, and as he's suffocating he has an inner monologue along the lines of "While I guess this is it (yadda yadda yadda). Wait a minute. This can't be it. I can't be dying. Dying would mean I failed, and Brainy doesn't fail!" as a callback to Life's a Show. Then he whips out the toys and we have a real fight. I'll start the list in it's own tab, feel free to add to it.

Chapter 7i: Everything Will Be Okay
[Polly wants to apologize to 3T, they meet at Percy Pinwheel's place. The tale ends when there's another call to the room, and it's Brainy.]

Chapter 8i: Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining
[Brainy tries to get 3T to give him asylum, but 3T doesn't bite. He fears he is being chased, and gets frightened when he hears someone coming up, but it turns out to be Pepper. Pepper and Brainy share a moment, and then they get scared again but it turns out to be Iris Dark. They're still afraid, but she offers Brainy a job…]

Finale: Vend-a-Friend (MC&D Product)
[Made by DrChandra. Should be fun~!]

Important Conversation:
DrChandra So Pepper gets a body, Icky/Manny pretend to be okay with it because they would be assholes if they weren't, but they're mad at Brainy for costing them an act.

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