CODE NAME: Westrin/Leiner Proposal - Black Flag
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The following document and all associated projects and files have been designated Top Secret. All personnel who are involved with Project Aether Drain and SCP-001 have full access to Document Prime and associated sub-documents.

Personnel with inadequate clearance attempting to view this file will be terminated via Memetic Kill Agents/Phrases. Inoculation is available to the O5 Command and assigned personnel.

You have been warned, and this is your final warning.




Item Number: SCP-001

Object Class: Eparch1

Special Containment Procedures: To Be Added

Description: SCP-001 is a probabilistic anomaly affecting every universe and dimension. SCP-001 dictates that every reality and dimension has or has had an SCP Foundation or equivalent anomaly-containing organization, hereafter referred to as an SCP-001-Φ instance. SCP-001-Φ instances located in alternate universes do not have to be normal by baseline standards, rather only in comparison to their own universe. Despite differences, all Foundations have been known to contain three following constants among them:

  • Each SCP-001-Φ instance shares the goal of containing phenomena and items that they see as anomalous and preventing them from reaching the public.
  • Each SCP-001-Φ instance has O5 council members, doctors, researchers, and SCP objects.
  • Each SCP-001-Φ instance has either documented/acknowledged the existence of SCP-001, or is conducting research into the possibility.

Due to this, SCP-001-Φ are typically passive and/or friendly towards the Prime Foundation2. Notable exceptions have occurred, however, where SCP-001-Φ instances attack unconditionally. No such purpose for such has been determined.

SCP-001 was discovered on January 9th, 2025, after numerous surveys conducted of extra-universal worlds concluded that every one researched (34,923) contained an SCP Foundation, or has contained an SCP Foundation in the past. Due to this statistical improbability, more research was conducted- there soon after, SCP-001 was identified and documented.

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