Zhange Jam Page

Murder mystery.

Meta SCP in the form of a comic.

Being forced to create against one's will, resulting in something that one does not love.

An anartist gets help from 'powers outside this world' (the author) and is able to create SCP-XX.

- exists in-universe and can be modified by characters
- drawn in black and white, with hints of red
- changes in-universe reality according to what is drawn onto it

  • red slashes make the subject it's drawn on suffer amputation and dismemberment
  • black colouring makes objects vanish if the background is black (same for white)

1. During a meeting between O5s (2, 3, 5, 9 and 10), O5-3 is suddenly dismembered and killed. (1 1/2 page)

2. MTFs assemble around them and attempt to escort them to safety, with the artist watching. (1/2 page)

3. The landscapes change around them. First, to a peaceful landscape in winter. While they are confused, the artist reappears and defends against all their attacks with black boxes that seem to emerge from nowhere. He slashes O5-10 and he falls to pieces, his flowing blood darkening and turning into a sea under them. (2 pages)

4. Next, a vast, dark ocean with ghostly white creatures swimming underfoot. The world behind them goes black and O5-2 is devoured by the darkness. (2 pages)

5. Third, a glittering world of gems and mirrors. The artist begins to tell them how it wants to create something magnificent and memorable, and this was accomplished with the help of 'greater powers'. He draws black slashes through O5-9 and shatters her into pieces. Scene change by zooming into fragment. (2 pages)

6. They are back in the real universe, except everything has been destroyed and only a black nothingness is left behind. Before the artist could finish talking, O5-5 pulls out a crystal shard and cuts open her hand, spilling blood over the comic. The dark stains cause half of the artist's body to melt and vanish. He asks her to recreate the world and make the comic a Keter object on the SCP list, before she takes his pen and kills him. (3 pages)

7. O5-5 begins to draw in the blank new pages that appeared in the comic, rebuilding the world. (1 page)

(12 pages in total)


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