SCP-XX: Messenger of Eyes

Item #: SCP-xx

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no feasible method for long-term containment. Personnel are to placate SCP-xx through conversation pertaining to its beliefs and the aesthetic effects of its anomalous abilities. SCP-xx's movement is to be tracked discreetly and it is to be directed away from major population centers. However, even in the event that persuasion fails, forceful restraint is not to be attempted due to risk of retaliation and the likely occurrence of a VK-Class 'Lifted Veil' Scenario.

Description: SCP-xx is a Class-V reality bender appearing as a androgynous humanoid. The entity possesses several biologically implausible physical features that are suspected to have been self-induced for aesthetic purposes:

  • Opal cabochons displaying high adularescence functioning in place of eyes.
  • {3m prehensile metal strips for hair, gradually dissolving into floating fragments.}
  • {Body made from shards of volcanic glass, interwoven with its hair in the facial and chest areas.}
  • {White circular patterns manifesting beneath its feet that emit intermittent light according to its steps.}

Addendum 1: Incident logs 2016-2018

Date Location Description
cell-content {busy city} {Minimalism and tranquility}
cell-content {remote area} {Crystalline in a perpetual night high atop a mountain}
cell-content {forest} {Eerie with flashes of symbolic colour}
cell-content Pacific Ocean {coordinates, near} {The ocean surface within a radius of 80km is transformed into a calm mirror reflecting the sky above.}
cell-content { } {Horrifying but graceful contortions of objects- non-Euclidean physics and distorted people.}

Addendum 2: Interview log

{SCP-xx speaks in a very dreamy and disconnected way, as if it functions separately from the logic of our world. Its ultimate goal (as one of the Pale Artist's creations who have achieved Anamnesis) is to show the Red Artist the many different types of beauty on Earth, thus deterring it from destroying Earth to make its corrupted art. However, it is extremely idealistic and does not realise just how unreasonable this idea is.}

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